Monday, 22 November 2010

Jean Julien

Jean Jullien is a French graphic designer who lives in London. He studied graphic design in Quimper before moving to London. He graduated at Central St Martins in 2008 and the Royle College of Art in 2010. His practice ranges from illustration to photography.

Simple shapes and bright colours really make his work stand out, I particularly like the above comic strip "The House" as it is plays around with shapes taking the viewer away from the conventional comic strip format. At 1st you see the over all shape of the house then read what's going on inside......really clever idea!


Supermundane is the pseudo name of London based multi disciplined creative Rob Lowe, who is a graphic designer, illustrator, typographer and art director. He has been described by Grafik magazine as "The king of the repetitive doodle". His work has been published and exhibited world wide.

Andy Miller

I have just come across the work of Andy J Miller who originates from Indiana USA but now lives and works in the UK. He has an interesting hand drawn quality to his work which is similar to various illustrators I have been looking at recently.

Jim Medway

Last year I was really fortunate to attend a lecture by Manchester illustrator and comic creator Jim Medway. He gave us a brief insight into his world of comics and the artists that inspired him like Georges Remi. He also let us look at some of his sketchbook work which was really cool and made me wish I had the nerve to sit in a public place and draw people without feeling self conscious.

Jim also works closely with schools passing his knowledge on to the children, and in some cases introducing them to a whole new world of expressing themselves by creating their own comic strips. These sessions also serve as an important tool for children to tackle issues like bullying in a safe and fun environment.

The wonderful work of Jim Medway can be viewed at

Friday, 19 November 2010

Peter Callesen

It's hard to imagine these sculptures were made entirely from a single sheet of A4 paper. They look amazing, but they also look fragile and easily disposable.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Paper Cut Experiment

I decided to try a paper cut experiment whilst I had some time on my hands this week. I wanted to do an illustration of a cat sat in the kitchen. I think I overcomplicated things by trying to bend the back into a kitchen counter but I still like the results I got with the shadow of the cat.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Burgerman Mural

Ben Frost Mural


This is an amusing little animation from Jon Burgerman that reminded me a bit of Nick Parks "Creature Comfort" films because of the recorded voices it uses. It starts off with an artist trying to think up an idea for an urban art painting then goes off on one.....the random ending made no sense to me but it did make me laugh.

Simone Lia

Whilst browsing through Tom Gauld's Website the other day I came across the work of Simone Lia. Simone graduated from the University of Brighton in 1995 where she studied illustration, she then went on to do a masters at the Royal College of Art in London where she met Tom Gauld. They later formed Cabanon Press and the rest is history.

I really like the varied line in her work and the bright flat colour pallets she uses, in contrast to Tom Gauld there is little or no shading which gives her work a certain charm.