Sunday, 5 September 2010

Las Meninas: Part 4

Ron Mueck

Ghost 1998

Fibreglass, silicon, polyurethane foam, acrylic fibre and fabric
unconfirmed: 2019 x 648 x 991 mm

This was the winning sculpture for our summer project and for me one of the most intriguing of the 3.

Mueck is a master of super realistic sculpture. Ghost depicts a 7ft tall adolescent girl who stands against the wall with the look and posture of unease.

Was she uneasy because she was uncomfortable with the way she looked?

Was it because she was made to stand there like a freak with everyone pointing and staring at her?

Or was it that she was going through the change of puberty and just wanted to get the hell out of there?

These questions gave me a good starting point for the visual response.

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