Saturday, 7 May 2011


This years been a really good year for me in terms of progression of technique, style and professionalism. I tried out some new things on various projects some turned out well others not so well.

At the beginning of the year I struggled with the execution of my finished pieces and one great piece of advice I was given at the time was, try to keep consistency throughout my work. At the time I was wrestling with a lot of different styles and ways of doing things, which showed through my work in a mixture of confusion and made my work look sloppy.

The biggest turning point for me was the Dialogue Ignites Change brief. I bought an amazing book by Jurgen Wolff  “Creativity Now” and it’s really helped me get the best out of my ideas when approaching a new project. There’s lots of great advice in there, but one that’s stuck with me is to write down every idea. I had a tendency to not include an idea if I thought it was stupid, but have learnt to embrace all my ideas and get them down onto paper as quickly as I can. I think by doing things this way has helped me to come up with some interesting concepts.

One final piece of advice, which recently came from Tom Gauld was "try to make work, which would appeal to you even if you hadn't made it". In Critical Studies we've learnt the importance of critiquing other peoples work and also how to do the same with our own. Its all very well getting opinions from other people, but it's also good practice to take a step back from things and ask myself "would it still appeal to me if I hadn't done it".

Wolff, Jurgen; 2009, Creativity Now!, Ashford Colour Press Ltd, Gosport, UK

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