Monday, 28 March 2011

The Wellspring

Last Wednesday we had a group photo taken with our pages for The Wellspring project which ended a while back now. We were each assigned a page to illustrate for a publication, which we produced to raise funds and awareness for The Wellspring Project in Stockport, a resource centre for homeless and disadvantaged people.

The final printed newspaper arrived the other week and it looks really impressive, everyone worked really hard which has paid off big time.

My page tells the story of Aaron, who was 16 when he arrived at The Wellspring and was sleeping rough. The Wellspring helped him to turn his life around and he now has his own place and is studying construction and plumbing.


I chose to focus on the positive side of the story and wanted to create a character made up of the tools he might use in his trade. I used the skills I had learnt on the Disney brief and did lots of thumbnail sketches of the character. I decided to keep it black and white and looked at comics for inspiration for the shading. Below is the final printed page which I think turned out really well.

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