Monday, 10 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Ok first blog of the new year.......had a really busy but amazing festive break travelling backwards and forwards to North Wales visiting family and friends, but managed to find time to read, draw and kick back.

Got a really good book for Xmas by Jon Burgerman "Pens are my friends" which I have only flicked through so far and actually can't find at the present moment as my computer room is littered with paper, books and the kids dressing up clothes, but rest assured once I find it my blog pages will be littered with images and comments on how cool this book is.

I went to Fred Aldus last week and bought some awesome manga pens which I have been experimenting with and love the look of. The Aqua pens are not my friends at the moment as they don't seem to create the affect as seen on the box....I'm thinking of trying brush and water with them to see what happens.

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