Thursday, 13 January 2011

Life Drawing

I haven't been to a life drawing class in ages which I really miss. One new years resolutions is to draw more people and build up a sketch book dedicated to life drawing to increase my accuracy and speed.
I recently came across the work of Florian Nicolle and thought I should feature him in my blog, his website is in French, but i managed to find some info about him in the ref below along with a link to his website.
There is a strong element of gesture drawing which looks really fluid, I like the fine detail that's added in watercolour. Also liking how he uses different paper textures and newspaper print which I think were layered over the top digitally.

Florian Nicolle (neo) is a a young french Graphic Designer and Illustrator. He’s 22 and currently lives in Caen (France), planning to move to Paris. He is a Graphic Design graduate and while on his course, he developed a strong passion for illustration. Now illustration is his main route in the industry.

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