Friday, 11 May 2012

Chester Chronicle Exposure

Back in January a friend of mine who works at the Chester Chronicle messaged me on Facebook. She was running a new feature in the paper called the Virtual Gallery and was looking for artists and photographers from the North Wales and Chester area to include. I thought this would be a good place to get my work seen as the Chester Chronicle covers quite a large area and might be good for reaching businesses needing illustration.

I emailed through some of my best pieces of work from the last two years, which I thought best summed me up as an illustrator and wrote a short 500 word biography of my journey from industry to university and a little about my influences. As well as having a page printed in the paper the virtual gallery was displayed on their website with a link to my online portfolio.

It was great to see my page in the paper, but one thing that really sticks out is the mish mash of styles and techniques I was experimenting with and make the page look a mess. At the time of sending the images I’d only just started my major project so didn’t have anything new to send and looking back now perhaps this was a mistake as the work displayed doesn’t really show my strong points. I have a much better body of work now, which I think would look great on a page, so I plan to give Antonia another call and see if she can update my page with some more professional looking pieces from the MP.

One thing I was disappointed about on the website was the quality of the images in the gallery. I realise they need to reduce the images for web, but because it’s a page displaying creative peoples work it needs to be the best possible resolution to showcase their work.

Here is the online page

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