Thursday, 10 May 2012

Major Project Book

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been frantically working to get my book finished for the hand in tomorrow and today I got it printed at uni with the help of three different tutors. After a few hours of Ian pulling the remaining strands of his hair out Rick came along and figured the problem out in about 30 seconds flat. We had been trying to sort out the pagination of the pages and it wouldn’t make a pdf to print from and it turned out all we needed to do was copy the folder from the flash drive to the desk top to get things working.

Below are some of the sample pages from the book and as mentioned in a previous post I have been working on using a limited colour pallet for my work, which is now making my work look really good.

Until last night I didn’t have a front cover for the book and hashed it together in illustrator using an illustration that didn’t make it into the book. The illustration was meant to be a kind of recipe page on how to make liquorice bootlaces, which came from Roald Dahl’s autobiography “Boy” and is a story a father told his son to try and put him off eating sweets.

I really enjoyed making the illustrations for this book and through the process have become more familiar with using InDesign, which is another string to add to my bow. At first I was not very confident with this software as I was more familiar with QuarkXpress, but the more I used it I found it wasn’t that different to using Illustrator.

Although I’m really happy with the book for the hand in once it was printed I could see things I want to change. I didn’t realise how big the fonts were until I saw the printed copy so I will want to change them for the final version for the end of year show.

I also need to add the cross-hatching to one or two of  the illustrations like the worm image at the bottom, but these are things I can sort out after deadline.

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