Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Lord Whitney

On Monday last week we had a visiting lecture by the creative force known as Lord Whitney. Lord Whitney is made up of Amy Lord and Rebekah Whitney who met at Leeds Metropolitan and together they create stunning 3D Illustrations. The talk was about their journey through university and how they began their collaboration.

After graduating from uni and working as temps the pair began building sets in their basements and experimenting with different props lying around the house. As they talked us through various projects they had been involved in the main point that shone through was how they were driven to create things not for money but because they loved it so much. There is great playfulness and fun in their work, which is the reason they are so successful in what they do. Later on in the morning they joined us in our studio to set us a brief on compound nouns. The brief was to create an illustration in any way we saw fit using a compound noun. I was fortunate enough to chat to the girls whilst working on the brief that afternoon. They were really down to earth and offered me advice on the way I work and said they would love to see my drawings without the computer element as they thought it looked strong enough without it.

I really enjoyed working with Lord Whitney and their project helped me find a different way of generating ideas that could really help me with my work. I came up with ideas that I perhaps wouldn’t have thought of before by mashing words together and creating a page of really quick sketches.
Rough Sketches

As usual I wanted to make them into characters and decided to submit the below image. I plan to turn this little cheese character and some of the others I created during the brief into comic strips or short stories.

Final Submission

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