Sunday, 20 November 2011

Portfolio Visit - with Nobrow

Whilst at the Thought Bubble convention I managed to get in a couple of portfolio viewings. The main people I wanted to show my work to were Nobrow who are an independent publishing platform for new and established illustrators. They had a portfolio drop in session scheduled for 2pm which I was really keen to get to. It took me a while to work out where the Nobrow table was as it didn't have a plaque like the other main stalls, but when I did eventually find it I asked how I could go about getting some feedback on my portfolio. The guy said they didn’t officially start till 2 but he would be happy to look at my work there and then, which was a massive bonus as I got to beat the rush. It was a fairly brief session but the guy said I had some strong skills in character design and said I had the potential to branch out into animation, children’s books or editorial. He said I should consider adding more pages of the character design roughs and think about creating some narratives for my characters and maybe create some comic strips of the characters I did for the Disney brief and the Uganda characters. He thought that by adding more of the development of these characters to my portfolio would showcase my potential for animation and story book illustration and give me a greater scope of opportunity. He liked the hand drawn quality of my work over the digitally worked stuff and said he thought textures and digital inking were being used far too much at the moment and thought that by concentrate on generating more of the hand drawn work would be more beneficial to me. At the end of the session he asked me to leave my email details with him and recommended I set up a website to start showcasing my work to the world.

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