Sunday, 20 November 2011

Tim Harries Words Of Wisdom

Another person that gave me some great advice on my work yesterday was cartoonist and humorous illustrator Tim Harries. Tim hales from Newport, South Wales and has been illustrating for over 14 years. Given that he'd been working professionally for such a long time I thought I should ask some questions. I asked how he started out and he told me he held down a regular job to begin with and worked on his illustration on the side until he had built up a decent client base that was sufficient enough for him to quit his job and concentrate on what he loved doing best and that’s drawing.
I told him a little about myself and what I liked drawing and he asked if he could take a look through my portfolio. Like other people had mentioned this week he was drawn to the character sketches and thought I should develop some of my work into comic strips. He recommended I approach newspaper editors to try and get them published. He said I had strong skills in my hand drawn work and should continue to build upon those strengths and maybe consider going into children’s book illustration. Tim said it was important to have a website to begin establishing a good web presence and gave me one of his printed postcards with his contact details on. It was interesting chatting to someone who worked in a similar way to me and also interesting to look at some of the work he has produced in different formats and now I have his email address I will make sure I keep in contact with him and ask him further questions in the future.

You can check out Tim Harries website here  

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