Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Personal Project Completion

(Final artwork for the school mural before printing. Actual size 812.8mm high x 4000mm wide.)

It's been a while since I posted anything about my personal project and I’m happy to say I’ve finally finished it.

I’ve had a few late nights this week trying to get the artwork finalised so could get it printed and in the school before Christmas and here it is in all it's glory.

There have been a few teething problems along the way, these problems were mainly to do with how I would get my artwork on the wall, but after careful research into different printing materials I finally found a way of having it printed large scale without compromising my artwork.

One of the biggest problems I faced was ensuring the final print would still show my hand drawn quality and because I prefer to work small how that would have an effect on my work at large scale. I found from an earlier 2nd year project if I scanned my work in at a high enough resolution I could vectorise it in Illustrator without losing any fine detail. I scanned the final inked artwork in sections and pieced it together in Photoshop, I then took that into illustrator to be vectorised and tidied up.

The material I decided on after talking to expert printers XCEL Signs in Wrexham is normally used for banners. The durabiltity of the material means it can't be ripped easily, which was an important factor, as the children at Hayes Lane Primary School will eventually add colour to it. I collected the print earlier this morning and delivered it to the school, they were absolutely delighted with the final result and have asked me if I can spare some time to come in and work on the colouring in stage with the children before Christmas. They also asked if they can get a photo of me with the finished product to put on their website, which will be a nice bit of exposure.

The final concept for the mural is based on the Wacky Races with each character driving a vehicle that links to their profession.

I hope to have some photographs to post up soon.


  1. this looks really fantastic paul, great job!

  2. Thanks the image at the moment doesn't really do it justice I'm hoping to get some photographs taken before Xmas